How To Map A Domain To Tomcat’s Web Application

When you deployed your application in Tomcat server you can view your app by the link like: http://localhost:port/appName. You can mapping a domain to Tomcat’s web application to access your application according by your domain (ex: after you reference the domain to your ip server.
To do this you flow theses steps:
Step 1: Open file server.xml in folder C:/Tomcat7.2/conf.
Setp 2: Change port of http tomcat to 80. This look like:

<Connector port="80" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               redirectPort="8443" />

Step 3: Add new virtual host entry just before last closing Engine tag

<Host name="" 

		   <Context path="" docBase="C:/Tomcat7.2/webapps/yourapp" 
			   debug="0" reloadable="false"/>
		   <Context path="/yourapp" docBase="C:/Tomcat7.2/webapps/yourapp" 
			  debug="0" reloadable="false"/>

Step 3: Save file and restart apache tomcat.

Happy coding!

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